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Four easy ways to order!
1) Our secure website www.AdvUnderground.com
2) By telephone 1-509-946-9893
3) By email* books@advunderground.com
4) By postal mail** See address below

*Email is not secure. Do not send credit card information through email. Use email only for questions and placing an item on hold.
**Items ordered by postal mail are more likely to be already sold. We recommend reserving an item by email or phone before sending postal payment.

Sales tax will be applied to the subtotal (items total + shipping) on all orders shipped to Washington State, unless a current resale permit is provided at the time of sale. Our online shopping cart will estimate Washington-bound orders at our local rate of 8.6%, but the exact amount will be adjusted to the destination rate when we process your payment.

~All orders are packed carefully in boxes - we care about our items all the way to your hands.~

Conditions / Grading

We grade the condition of our books on a simple scale: Near Fine, Very Good+, Very Good, Good+, Good, Fair, Poor.

We have been listing books for over twenty years and so our database reflects a number of different formats and description styles, as our staff has grown and evolved over time. However, we do our best to describe the main flaws and give an understandable description of the item. We also re-evaluate each item before confirming orders. (We used to even post pictures of all merchandise but are years behind on that project at the moment.)


We offer a small amount of store credit for books, graphic novels (and infrequently single-issue comics), board games, record albums, and CDs.

We see huge amounts of products to be traded in every day. As the holiday season is on us it will take us even longer to process, especially as we have lots of new product to put on the shelves as well. We appreciate your patience, as well as all the amazing things you bring us.

Current Guidelines

All product must be in good condition (no water damage, cat pee, insect infestations, strong odors, mildew, etc). Items with minimal highlighting/underlining or tears will be considered in context.

Credit amount given depends on item condition, collectibility (and occasionally selling price), current stock on hand, item's selling history, recent quantities of trade, desirability of rest of batch of trade, staff mood, etc. It is an art and a science.


  • Limit: 2 milk crates full
  • ~1 week wait time
  • Credit amount generally ranges from $.25 to a quarter of the cover price. Average amount given is $1/book.
  • ALWAYS seeking: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Esoteric History, Wars and Warfare, Horror, Regional Cooking, Occult, Classic Literature (& classic authors of any genre)
  • NEVER seeking: General Ex-Library books or Readers Digest Condensed Books

Single-Issue Comics

  • Limit: 1 short box
  • ~3 weeks wait time
  • Credit amount depends strongly on condition and collectibility and is generally 20% to 30% of our expected selling price.
  • ALWAYS seeking: Cover price < $.25; comics published prior to 1970
  • NEVER seeking: Modern comics and comics published later than 1970, with very very few exceptions.

Graphic Novels

  • Limit: 2 milk crates full
  • ~1 week wait time
  • Credit amount ranges from $2 to quarter cover.

Records & CDs

  • Limit: 1 box
  • ~3 weeks wait time
  • Credit amount generally ranges from $0.50 to $6.00
  • Must be in original sleeves/cases
  • ALWAYS SEEKING: Beatles, Punk, Metal
  • NEVER SEEKING: 78s, Barbara Streisand

Toys, Figures, & Collectibles

  • Limit: 1 box
  • ~2 weeks wait time
  • Credit amount generally ranges from $1 to 30% of our intended selling price
  • Most items must be in original packaging

Board & Card Games

  • Limit: 5 games
  • ~3-4 weeks wait time (We count ALL the components to ensure playability)
  • Credit amount is generally $2 to 40% of our intended selling price, and depends strongly on selling history and type of game
  • Must have all parts, pieces, instructions, and original boxes. Please box expansions separately.

Step-by-Step Procedure & Additional Policies:

  1. You bring in your gently used books, games, and records to the front counter and give us your name and phone number.
  2. See above trade limits for each department, and please wait till we have processed each batch before bringing in more.
  3. We transfer product to our own containers and you take back your containers.We may immediately reject certain items.
  4. You indicate (and sign) whether you want rejected items back, or if we should donate them to a new home at our discretion (possibly to the library, various good causes, or our own clearance shelves)
  5. We work your items into our trade process, and call you when we are done. You will have 48 hours from the phone call to pick up your rejected items, or they will be donated. Please note the wait times for each department.
  6. Please know that trade amounts are non-negotiable, and we do not keep your items aside. As soon as we have a dollar amount we can give you, those traded items go immediately into stacks of hundreds of other books, records, games, etc.
  7. There is no way to "reject" the trade amount and take those items back.
  8. We do not itemize trade, and most likely cannot tell you how much we gave for any individual item.
  9. If you are concerned about how much credit you might get for your item(s), you should either:
    • A) Seek another destination for your items. (We'd love to help and make exceptions, really we would, but we just see SO much trade that it is impossible to keep it all separate and waiting on approvals from customers.)
    • B) Make separate arrangements with management, and only for extremely special circumstances. Arrangements will be made at our discretion.
  10. All trades are final.


Since we ship multiple types of items, we have a number of different shipping rates, but it basically comes down to Domestic Economy, Domestic Priority, International Economy, and International Priority.

We don't have the weight calculated for every single item, but have created a matrix based on what type of item it is, such as a book, game, comic, or anything else.

Single items ship for one price, and each additional item adds on a smaller amount to account for added weight. If your order includes multiple types of items, the base rate will be the item with the heaviest weight class.

We realize that even within a classification, weights can vary dramatically: a mass market paperback vs. a set of encyclopedias; a single Magic the Gathering pack vs. Talisman, the Board Game. Because of this, if there is a drastic contrast between what our online shopping cart quotes and what rates the post office actually charges, we will endeavor to apply a more reasonable rate.

Our primary shipping company is the US Postal Service. However, bulky or weighty shipments may be shipped via FedEx or UPS when more affordable.


Domestic Economy:

Books & Records = $3.99 for the first item, $0.50 each additional.

Games & Other Items = $15 for the first item, $5 each additional

Expected delivery time is 5-14 business days. Occasionally books travelling to the east coast take longer than two weeks to arrive, and items within Washington state often arrive the next day.

Domestic Priority:

Books & Records = $12.50 for the first item, $3.00 each additional.

Games & Other Items = $28 for the first item, $15 each additional

Priority averages two-five days delivery time.


Shipping outside the USA varies greatly by country. If you add items to your cart and select a shipping rate, it will show you the breakdown of shipping cost.

International Priority includes insurance and is usually at least $50.00 - shipping rates seem to go up every year, so unfortunately it is rather high.

International 1st Class
is generally cheaper than Priority, unless the item is rather heavy, in which case it will have to go via Priority. This method is not generally tracked or insured.

Shipper Accounts If billing shipping to your own FedEx/UPS/Freight account, a $2.00 fee will be applied to the item price to cover packaging materials.

Packing / Handling charges vary somewhat but are included in the quoted shipping rates. This covers boxes, dust jacket protectors, packing time, and insurance.

Lost Mail is rare, but does occasionally occur. Please notify us if your package has not arrived within the estimated delivery time frame. We can begin filling out claims forms at the post office, but we do not refund any costs until 30 days have passed after the last expected delivery date.



All items must be paid in full before receiving them.

Shipped Items:

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express (AMEX), as well as checks and money orders to our mailing address:

Adventures Underground
1391 George Washington Way
Richland WA 99354

Open Shop:
1391 George Washington Way
Richland WA 99354

Check payments for shipped items can be made out to "Adventures Underground."

In-Store Items:

We can accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express (AMEX). Checks and money orders are accepted for <$20 or for known customers only.


Shipped Items:
Please notify us first if you plan to return an item. We can accept returns up to 14 days after you have received the item. If the item was not as described, then we will refund the full purchase amount, provided you return it in the same condition as we sent it.

You may return items within this time period (after notifying us) for any other reason, but we do not refund shipping.

In-Store Items:
We do not offer refunds on items purchased in-store. We offer exchanges only for in-store returns. The amount will be put on a store gift card for you.

The item must be returned within 30 days of purchase and in the same condition as when purchased. There are no returns on food items or gift cards.


Contact Us

Email: books@advunderground.com

Phone: 1-509-946-9893

Mail: Adventures Underground
1391 George Washington Way
Richland WA 99354

Open Shop*hours may vary:
1391 George Washington Way
Richland WA 99354

Current Store Hours: 12pm to 5pm, Monday through Saturday (Closed Sundays)
Cafe Hours (Curbside/Take-away only): 10am - 5pm, Monday through Saturday (Closed Sundays)

We do return calls and emails within two days (though we get a bit behind on the weekend, especially during the Christmas shopping season)--if you have not received a reply, please inquire again.

Please contact us if:

You would like to place an order

You have a question about anything in our stock

An item has no picture, has the wrong picture attached, or is too blurry

There is a problem with your order -- (Items not as described, general returns, lost packages, etc)

We also love to hear when we have done the job right! Let us know if you have comments or suggestions.

We see an incredible amount of local merchandise brought into our store for trade, and so we do not generally purchase items online.