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Happy 13th anniversary, Adventures Underground! In celebration, we'd like to give our love and support to people of color and minorities everywhere, to encourage peaceful protest in the name of good, freedom of speech, and the riddance of hate. Stay safe, everyone.

We are currently doing a full inventory! Some genres/keywords/items may disappear from the website. You might wake up to find we have no children's books in stock, or are completely out of science fiction.

Have no fear - it's just we are in the middle of inventorying those sections and they haven't been reuploaded. Keep checking back for added stock and additional updates!

You can still call us at 509-946-9893 with questions or to place an order. Please note we have only phone line (it will go to voicemail if we are already on it) and if multiple people are calling it just keeps ringing. Please keep trying, or send an email to

CURBSIDE PICKUP: We will call you as soon as your order is ready. Please be patient. We're not working full hours and it takes us awhile to put everything together. (Even if you just have one item - there may be other orders ahead of you that day.)

TROUBLES ORDERING?: If you are having trouble putting your order through with a credit card, try submitting your order anyway but select Check/Money order option. If you put "Please Call for Payment" and we can get your card information over the phone once we pull your order.

2020 Weird-Ass Alternate Timeline Updates:

Online Orders Only - AU & Cafe!)


Our main website for Adventures Underground is live for online ordering and we do CURBSIDE PICKUP. You can order by USPS, and we are now offering free delivery in the Tri-Cities with a $100+ order (otherwise it is a $20 local delivery charge). We are trying to keep up with orders (thank you everyone!) and will get each Quarantine Survival Kits processed as soon as we can.

Caterpillar Cafe is now doing CURBSIDE again!

We encourage you to stay positive, hopeful, and healthful. We may not be able to gather in large numbers for dining, recreation, protest, or public education, but we can still read books, make and listen to music, game, build things, listen to podcasts, plant trees, fight locusts, make and create (art, life, ideas, etc), get outside, love, work together, stay informed from truthful media, and make plans and commitments toward future progress. Peace and Love, Tri-Cities.

(And if you need it, assuming they are able to continue to operate, is the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255). We're all in this together.)


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Quarantine Survival Kit: Romance Books

$25.00 + ADD TO CART
94 in stock

Contents will vary. Picture shown as example only.

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Quarantine Survival Kit: Non-Fiction Books

$25.00 + ADD TO CART
97 in stock

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Quarantine Survival Kit: Anti-Boredom Box (Kids Edition)

$50.00 + ADD TO CART
9 in stock

Contents will vary. Pictures shown as examples only.

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Quarantine Survival Kit, Family Fun Times Edition

$75.00 + ADD TO CART
59 in stock

Contents will vary. Pictures shown as examples only.

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Quarantine Survival Kit: Anti-Plague Box, Entertainment for the GROWN-UPS Edition

$50.00 + ADD TO CART
69 in stock

Contents will vary. Pictures shown as examples only.

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Quarantine Survival Kit: Fantasy Books

$25.00 + ADD TO CART
95 in stock

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Bunny Box Subscription - Monthly Charge

$25.00 + ADD TO CART
127 in stock

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